“I lost 20 lbs overnight! And I no longer have to wear my knee brace! I asked the doctor to weigh me three times -  I couldn’t believe it. 


Thank you so much Jill!”  


Kim Inouye, Tsawwassen, BC


“Thank you so much Jill. My baby boy was born happy and healthy! My husband and I are over the moon in love with him and exhausted. lol. You’re sessions were fascinating and effective in finding and healing the energy that was blocking my pregnancy. I’m so grateful.”  

Beth Stevens, Coquitlam, BC


“I just SAW my son.  Like SAW him!!!  He hasn’t been this alive in over 3 years.  He is so happy and revived.  Amazing! 

Well done Jill.” 

Linda Mallard, Owner of Tsawwassen Wellness Centre

Tsawwassen, BC


"After insomnia and anxiety for years now I can sleep through the night! The sessions were amazing. Thank you Jill for uncovering my subconscious so I can sleep. I've stopped taking Ativan as well - that's huge!"


Stephanie, Richmond, BC


“Jill Fischer has the ability to calm your nerves, see through you, dig deep, and bring out the best you available, all while preparing you to become so much more.  Her compassion, skill, and experience combine to make her that tool and coach you need. I loved working with her and can’t praise her too highly....."    
Dr Dorothy A Martin-Neville, New York, USA (onilne session)



“Since I started working with Jill, my level of anxiety has dropped by 80-90%. It left me free to focus on things that are important and get a lot more productive in things that matter.” 

Oksana Irwin, Calgary, AB


"She is an incredible healer, who comes from pure love & is committed to people having amazing lives. If any of you out there want to release limiting beliefs and have breakthroughs in your lives, go see Jill.


This was my first experience with this kind of healing, and I am still blown away by all that I got from it.


Jill, I love you. Thank you for your stand for humanity. ♥”


Anat Stapleton, Mortgage Broker, Calgary, AB


“I've lost 15 pounds just listening to Jill's Weight Control audio. I go to sleep with it every night. Thanks Jill!” 

Devon White, Edmonton, AB


“The last session really really made an impact on me. You are a miracle worker!! :)  - And I can't thank you enough!  It's amazing how clear a lot of things are now.  I finally feel what I think is inner peace.  Acceptance.  There is a change in me, and my husband pointed that out yesterday and he was also amazed.” 


I will definitely be back :)”


Thanks again,


Danelle Dawson, Calgary, AB


“A session with Jill Fischer was such a breakthrough for me; I doubled my business success in dollars within 3 days. Now, months later my success continues to expand. Opportunities and wealth are coming to me at an amazing rate and I no longer block them! I feel unstoppable!” 

Teresa de Grosbois, International Speaker, 4 Times Best Selling Author, Costa Rica


“Jill helped me quit smoking in just one two hour session! I really didn't expect these results and I am thrilled that I was able to leave this habit behind after working with Jill. I will be saving money every month, not to mention my health so her small fee for this service was well worth it.”

Julie Sullivan, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


In ONE session Jill was able to unravel and address some mental blocks I have had for years.  Through that session I learned the value of forgiveness, of seeing another person’s perspective, and more importantly the value of giving myself permission to move forward into my best life.  I highly recommend Jill for her ability to cut through the noise and shift you into forward movement in a very calm manner. “


Cledra McCullers, Cary NC, USA


"I was surprised and delighted with the results I experienced through hypnotherapy and Jill’s coaching. Not only was my need to understand the science satisfied but I experienced powerful shifts in how I perceived and interacted with important people in my life.

Thank you Jill."


Jean, Calgary, AB Canada


Jill’s genuine warmth, understanding, and professionalism were ideal for me to allow myself the freedom to first feel comfortable exploring uncomfortable things, then feel safe enough to really let go and release what I needed to so that I could move forward.


Jill is ideally suited for her work and I highly recommend her.”


Dr. Greg Driedger, Chiropractor, Calgary, AB


“I highly recommend Jill Fischer. Jill has a unique and transformational approach that will support you in breaking through whatever it is that seems to stop you. There’s no loss of control, there’s nothing to “do.” You simply participate in her process and remove blocks. An amazing way to move forward in your business and your life.” 

Dr. Shawne Duperon, Speaker, 6-Time EMMY® Winner, Detroit, Minnesota, USA (onilne session)

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