Are You A Mosquito Fighting Against An Elephant?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Are you doing all the right things and you still struggle to live your dreams?

Conscious Mosquito vrs Subconscious Elephant

Do you ever feel like you are fighting an up hill battle to change your habits? I think everyone does. You see your habits are stored in your subconscious and new ideas and new actions are in the conscious mind. And the subconscious mind will always win. It's like your subconscious is an elephant and your conscious mind is a mosquito. If you feel like you keep running into an invisible barrier between you and the life you want, then you are needing a subconscious update.

How to Update Your Subconscious Programs

First step is to know what you want and being clear with where you are now. Let's use the computer as a metaphor for how to program your mind. Your subconscious mind is like your operating system. (OS for Mac's and Windows for PC's that's always running in the background). Now if you want to load a new program (like more abundance, love, losing weight, joy) your operating system needs to support this new program. So first thing you do is upgrade your operating system, i.e. upgrade you subconscious promramming.

Reprogram your mind

You can reprogram your mind at anytime, anywhere, all you need is awareness, willingness and a few tools.

Are Your Updates Ready to Install?

To access your subconscious mind, use your password in the login bar (your password is willingness and your login bar is being in a relaxed hypnotic state) to sign into your account. Be sure to use a grounding technique and your favourite hypnosis audio.

By being in a relaxed state, you can access your subconscious mind and release these invisible barriers and install your updates. Kapow! You're in.

Practice this update your Abundance for your subconscious mind

Everyone wants something - whether it is something physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. But we don't all want exactly the same things; some may want only enough to get by while others want it all.

A happy medium lies somewhere in-between, and this happy medium can be termed abundance. You can decide exactly what abundance means to you and you can develop an abundant state of mind - wealthy "mindset."

Many people just want more money. They may or may not know what they want to do with it, but it is more important to decide what they will do to get it.

Very little comes with no effort. You need to do the work in order to achieve the goal.

This cycle is an excellent way to start the work. Use it daily, and then go out and do something about it.

Prosperity begins in your mind, and this cycle is your opportunity to use your inner mind creatively to produce abundance. Some people may say, "My financial situation is such that I need a miracle." Yet, you are entitled to miracles. Positive programming is how to begin to make them happen.

Abundance can come in many forms. Money is only one. Your life may already be more abundant than you realize. Not only can you increase your abundance, but you can become more aware of the abundance already in your life.

What is abundance to you? As you evaluate material success, you can realize that abundance is a good thing and that you are worthy of it. You perceive that You are entitled to life's many blessings. But to you, abundance is much more than merely money or possessions; abundance is in having good friends and in being a good friend.

Abundance is a harmonious life, a music-filled home, creative work, a meaningful relationship, quiet inner peace with strength and spiritual growth. You will enter into a new age, and for you, this new age is the age of abundance.

You see abundance all around you. In nature, in the fields and the forests, the rivers, the seas, deep within the earth and high in the sky; there is abundance for everyone.

You feel abundance in and around - within and without. It is here and it is now.

You welcome this abundance with joy and delight. In your creative imagination, you see an economic healing happening. It seems a miracle!

You have been blessed with abundance. You have opened an inner door and stepped into the sunlight of abundance in all its manifestations. And you say "thank you" for this great gift.

For you know that it comes, not from you, but through you. And with this new abundance, you can grow and serve that you may be a channel of blessings to others, for abundance is an expression of love.

You have tuned in to the aura of abundance that surrounds you. Like the electromagnetic field of a magnet which extends beyond the magnet itself, so it is with your energy field, reaching out far beyond the actual physical self. And, as a magnet, it draws abundance to you. It attracts and guides you to abundance. And this you now do:

To attract abundance you now act and think as one who already has abundance. You smile often and easily and enjoy taking time for the little things and the quiet things in life.

You walk tall and proud and perhaps just a little faster now. You have many exciting new habits reflecting this abundance.

To attract abundance you take good care of your physical appearance. taking even better care to balance your inner appearance.

You are aware now to choose spoken words carefully - and even more considerate of your unspoken words.

You use positive, cheerful words easily and often, for they reflect the profound, positive, cheerful feelings deep inside.

To attract abundance, you praise others for the good that they do.

You compliment others honestly and sincerely. and thank others lavishly. You compliment and thank yourself also, and welcome this new you.

You like listening attentively to others, and they enjoy listening to you.

To attract abundance, you find meaning and joy in the work that you do, your activities, and service to others.

Work is love in action, so you happily do more and contribute more than you are paid for.

Your creative work is a pleasure and a fulfilment. But, if your present job is void of creativity and promise, then you can analyze the alternatives and take the steps necessary for a rewarding new career in your chosen field.

To attract abundance, you carefully make lists of your goals, your ideals, and your plans, especially any plans of action.

You write out in detail what you will accomplish, how to accomplish it, and when you will accomplish it.

You make realistic short-range goals and reasonable long-range goals. And then you simply go out and do it, and you often believe that you are far ahead of your goals.

To attract abundance, you make friends and associate with positive, creative, and active people, for you realize that you are always influenced by the people around and with you.

So it is essential that you choose wisely those with whom you work and play, live and love and grow.

Positive, happy people encourage and inspire you - just as you encourage and inspire them.

To attract abundance, you clean out all excess clutter in your life. You phase out all trash and give away neglected things that others may use them.

You make room for the many, many blessings coming your way. You joyfully bestow your blessings by sharing excess abundance with others.

And, as the useless and the unwanted depart, you experience the freedom and lightness of an unburdened life. What then comes in to fill the void spaces will be a joy and a delight.

To attract abundance, you allow yourself to laugh often and to laugh loudly. Your sense of humor has expanded into a habit of laughter.

With happiness and laughter, you attract new friends, positive people who laugh and enjoy life with you. With joy and laughter, you improve your health and appearance. You laugh and the world laughs with you. You make people laugh each and every day, for laughter is like an internal massage.

To attract abundance, you open your doors wide when opportunities knock and welcome them in with open arms.

Your life now is exciting and active, and many, many blessings come to your door.

If nothing succeeds like success, then nothing is more abundant than abundance.

You open the door to the joyful discussion of abundance.

Open the door to your actions and thoughts of abundance.

Open the door to caring for your outer and inner appearance.

Open the door to praising others and yourself and to new joy in your creative work.

Open the door to listing your goals, ideals, and plans for action.

Open the door to expanding your world of friends.

Open the door to releasing the excesses in your life and welcome joy and laughter into your heart.

Open the door to the new you. Do this today. Do it now.

In your creative imagination see a clear, sharp image of yourself attracting abundance.

Take time to review your ideals and goals.

Hear friends congratulating you on your successes.

Feel a total enrichment has already been accomplished.

Now realize the great secret of abundance: Abundance is not an end in itself, but a growing process, the result of your creative work and efforts.

You have learned from the past, make plans for the future; but live in the eternal now. You already have abundance and, by the joyous welcoming and sharing of abundance with others, you increase your abundance a hundredfold.

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